Hosting a Guest Writer on Your Blog

Are you looking to share more topics with your blog readers but aren’t sure what to write about? Would you like to have a post on one topic that isn’t your specialty, but you know your audience would appreciate reading about it.  Hosting a guest blog writer might be right for you.

Benefits of having a guest writer:

  •  Guests contribute a different point of view which can enliven your blog
  • Guests can stir up ideas for you to write about in the future
  • Guests can invite their audience to read your blog, increasing your exposure
  • Guests can give you, a busy writer, a break from writing a blog post so you can focus on your novel/article/newsletter/kids

What to look for when considering a guest writer

  • Do you read someone’s blog regularly? Do you like his or her style, tone and point of view?
  • Would your guest inspire your readers?
  • Would your guest  share  ideas different than your own with your readers?

Ensure success

  • Ask a guest writer if he or she would be interested in writing a post for you
  • When she responds with a Yes, let her know of a topic you’d like her to write about and why
  • Give her a word count. Typically, blogs are 300-800 words
  • Ask her to write a byline about herself, including a link to her own blog. This will go at the end of her post.
  • Proof read her writing
  • Introduce the writer to your readers the day of the posting. A sentence as simple as, “Today, guest writer Jane Smith is sharing her ideas of preschoolers and bubbles. Welcome Jane.”
  • Thank your guest both in your blog and behind the scenes.
  • If the person you ask is not able to write, be sure to thank them for getting back to you.

Guest posting can be a lot of fun and is a great way to build online friendships.

What about you? Have you ever had a guest writer on your blog?

Stay tuned for my next post on How to Be a Guest Writer. Happy Writing!




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2 responses to “Hosting a Guest Writer on Your Blog

  1. I love all your posts. They are right to the point and provide so much information. This is another great one!

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