Who’s Your Audience? Hints for Bloggers

You’ve probably heard it before: Know your audience.

You might think it’s obvious.   Your readers are moms, bloggers,  or fill-in-the-blank. How much more do you need to know about them?

Being a busy mom, you may not have time to research and learn a lot about your audience. So instead, you just write for everyone.  But if you want to maintain and grow your readership, you might consider knowing even more about them.

One way to think of blogging is picturing it like a book store. Each book has a genre it fits into. As you walk into the store, you head to the mysteries, non-fiction or self help because that’s what interests you.  You assume a book you choose will be about a particular subject, from start to finish.  After all,  you’d be confused if a writer, who normally writes mystery, threw in a chapter about self help.  The authors know their audiences and write directly to them.

How can you take this same idea and put it to use in your blog?

  • If you already have a blog, look through your posts. Who do you tend to address when writing? Moms of babies?  Moms of preschoolers? People looking for humorous  anecdotes? These are the people who return to your blog each week in hopes of finding new and fresh ideas. Fine tune your  ideas to keep current readers coming and future ones signing up.   By fine tuning one subject, your readers will know what to expect. Those who like your blog will keep coming back and even refer you to others.  If your blog is scattered with topics ranging from parenting, to going out, to vacationing to clipping coupons, your readers won’t know what to expect.  You don’t want to  confuse your reader.
  • If you’re just starting out blogging, great! It’s a fun, social activity. Write down at least 10 ideas for possible blog posts. Now look at those ideas and try using the previous bullet as an exercise to help you fine tune your writing and your readership.
  • Your posting title should attract your reader and say, “Read Me”. It should state what that post’s topic is about.  And your posting should fulfill that promise.  If your blog is for moms of preschoolers looking for rainy day activities, it’s your job to know that.  Title your blog so they understand what to expect in your post.
  • Do you have a variety of topics you want to write about? No reason why you can’t start more than one blog. By having more than one, you’ll attract readers who are interested in each topic. Some readers might enjoy reading both blogs, but some might feel connected to just one. A good example of this is fellow mom blogger, Janice. She has a witty mom’s blog, I Cannot Be the Only One, and also a wine lovers blog,  A Middle Class Mama’s Wine Review. Two separate ideas, two separate blogs.

By keeping a person in mind and fine tuning your writing to that person, you’ll soon  see your readership grow.

Care to share your blog? Leave a comment with a link to your site. I look forward to visiting. And follow BusyMomsWrite to receive weekly hints on blogging and writing.

Happy Writing,

Marcia Fowler

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6 responses to “Who’s Your Audience? Hints for Bloggers

  1. I really like your analogy of the book store – really helps illustrate the concept rather than just say “identify your audience” like most books do. Thanks!

  2. Great advice! Sometimes I go off on a tangent and realize I need to reel it back in a bit, my blog has a theme and I try to stick to it.

    Thanks for the awesome shout out to me and my blogs!

  3. I’ve been at blogging for a bit over a year now, so I’m starting to mull over where to go from here. So reading this was well-timed. I know I have certain topics that draw more people in than others – but I also have some that I do because I, enjoy them. I go between moments of “why bother” and moments of “this is my space and I can – and should – do what I like”. Agreed re: focus for audience building, but I figure there has to be a way to balance or focus a couple specific interests in one blog. As another ‘busy mom’ I’m proud I’ve managed to maintain one blog consistently for a year. I don’t honestly think I could manage two.

    Just my two cents – enjoyed this – and will continue to think on it.

  4. Great tips! This is great advice for all types of writing, not just blogging. Thanks for linking up at the Manic Mondays blog hop! This week’s hop is now live at http://mommyatozblog.com/Get-Linky/. Hope to see you there!

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