Online Writing Services and Classes

Thinking of improving your writing with an online class or critique services?

Within the past year, I’ve enrolled in two separate classes and recently used a critique service. Two of the three services were well worth the cost. The other, was not.

I felt the first class I took, writing non-fiction,  wasn’t worth the $175.00. I know, I was crazy to pay the price but when you’re a mom stuck at home and can’t get out to take a class, you’ll pay almost anything.

I took the class through University of Wisconsin Continuing Education. I was looking forward to was unique lessons and thorough critiques which were advertised in the description of the class.  Unfortunately,  many of  the lessons were directly out of a book I already owned. I was also disappointed in the critiques, which included comments like, Great. Looks good. Those types of comments aren’t for me. I want the ones that say, “This doesn’t work because…” or “I’m confused here because.” That’s the only way to become a better writer.

The second online class I took was worth the cost of  $99.00. It was Advanced Fiction through Ed2Go. The instructor, Steve Alcorn, wrote an interesting, funny, easy to understand curriculum. He did not critique or give much feedback, but there was a good discussion board and if I had a question, it was answered within a day. I couldn’t wait for each lesson and was sad when the class was over.

The third online service I used as an online critique service by C. S. Lakin. She gave a thorough critique of my first 10 pages, which ended up being two chapters of my chapter book. I felt her price, $45.00, was worth it. She gave honest comments about confusing parts, parts that she felt worked, and suggestions.  She wrote in such a friendly manner it was like having a friend talk to me.  I recommend her services.

Have you taken an online writing course? If so, tell us about your experience.

Happy Writing!


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7 responses to “Online Writing Services and Classes

  1. christineardigo

    I totally agree on the tough critiquing, I had a friend change a comma or a word or two, but I needed more. I had a blunt friend and an editor i made friends with online look it over and they were very to the point, Initially i was upset but i knew they meant well and i needed that. They told me straight out what they didnt like and i changed it. It hurts but its better than 10 million people writing bad reviews. :)

    • You’re right. There’s always more work to be done on writing, but sometimes what you think is perfect, is far from it. It does help to have outside opinions prior to being published. And on another note, congratulations on your new author’s page!

      • christineardigo

        Thank you! (Find me on FB, I’d love to connect: Ardigo Chick, is my FB name (Dont ask)~~~

  2. I have taken many online writing classes through a local community college…some teachers critique you to tears and others offer a “Nice work,” kind-of critique. Although, I wanted to cry and panicked that I was going to fail the class, the teacher that gave me his honest, “I don’t know where you are going with this,” style of commenting was much more helpful (and worth the tuition cost).

    Great post!

  3. Hope the comment helped you! Are you still studying in a writing program?

  4. I have never taken an online class but it sounds like a great way for me to really start developing my craft. I understand what you mean about the need for constructive criticism, due to the fact that writing is a considerably lonely process and being sucked into that vacuum can cause you to lose perspective. Where could I possibly start if I were to possibly enroll in an online class or two?

    • Thank you for visiting my site.
      How I found an online class was to google the topic I needed to focus on such as fiction, non fiction, revising, etc. Then I searched the options making sure to read all review written about the instructor and the class. I also looked for places that offered follow up classes and read those reviews, too. Then I narrowed it down to price and finally stepped away for a few days to think if this was what I really wanted. Finally, after clicking and paying, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best instruction I could receive.

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