Choosing a Name for your Character

Looking for just the right  name for your character?

Choosing names can be difficult. Your first or second choice may not fit your characters.  Or, if you’re like me, you don’t even bother choosing a name until  you’re well into your story. Mr. X or Mrs. Y just takes the place of a real name.

But at some point, you’ll need to name those nameless characters. After all, you’ve written and re-written sections with these characters. You’ve worked  on their personalities, their dialogue, and their problems. Now it’s time to find the perfect name.  Here are two helpful sites.

For first names, try Behindthenamefirstname. This site gives the etymology and history of first names.

For last names, try this site, BehindtheNameSurnames.

One of my characters was name simply Mrs. S, until I stumbled upon this site. Now she has a name that suits her character.  Behind the Name is  a fun site to use. But beware: It’s easy to spend most of your writing time  searching through these sites even after you’ve already found the right name for your characters.

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One response to “Choosing a Name for your Character

  1. christineardigo

    I played with sites like this too. It is addicting! :)

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